Engage and bring insight into what you get back.
Frisbee is a cloud-based intelligent customer-engagement platform, featuring marketing, CRM, sales and support for SMEs who want greater insight into their customer interactions.
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Multiple locations out of the box

Manage your business across several outlets. From 1 location to 1000 locations, gain insight across the whole of your business. Configure your account to allow staff from each location to see the data they need.

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A CRM you can understand

Manage your entire sales pipeline in one place and make sure your team and customers are always in sync.

Marketing tools where you need them

Keep your customers engaged with our fully integrated marketing tools. Inform and reward the different demographics within your customer base.

Contact groups
Dynamically define different contact groups by age, interactions, interests
Email campaign tool
Send email campaigns to your contact groups
Offers, Rewards & Loyalty
Reward your customers and keep them loyal to your company brand
Assign a point value to customer events, such as purchases, content views, redeeming of offers. This allows you to target customers with different levels of interactions with your company


Distribute your content anywhere. You can target and push your content to multiple websites, mobile apps or even a display sign in meeting room 5 on the other side of the world.

Gain insight into your customer's interests
Control where each content item is published
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Frisbee. ™ is currently in a closed Beta. If you want to take part or require any further information about using Frisbee. ™ please get in touch below